What Our Clients Are Saying About Their Virtual Experience

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Sunday, May 3, 2020

"I’m very grateful that you have found a way to continue to deliver a great exercise experience.  The technology works and I‘m glad I can continue working on my fitness goals.  Thank you!"

"Virtual Training with Barb at FBD has made a difficult situation a pleasant experience.  The transition has seemed so seamless.  So much so I invited my twin sister in Houston to join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and she has!  Barb can even arrange for you to pick up some equipment if you need it.  Come train with us.  You'll enjoy it too!"

"Barb and Mary St. Onge continue to make yoga accessible with ease and Zoom. I'm practicing from the privacy of my home but still with the warmth of the group dynamic. It's a comfort to continue my practice during this time of change. Thank you."

"I am so grateful to be able to practice yoga with Mary on zoom. It is the high point of my week. Thanks!"

"The switch from on-site classes to Zoom classes has gone very well and using Zoom is easy.  I’m impressed by how well the instructors show their enthusiasm and continue to provide support for us students through video delivery.  Thanks, Fitness by Design, for allowing us to continue our fitness classes in this way!"