Meet the FBD Team

I am pleased to introduce my staff and I am confident that you will be 100% satisfied with the fitness experience you’ll have at our studio. As owner, I take great pride in our qualified fitness professionals. The education, expertise, and experience they bring demonstrates their passion for their fitness careers. We are excited to offer you a variety of private and group activities including: Personal Training, Pilates, Barre, Strength Training, and Yoga. Come visit one of our studios! We are located on Grand Ave across from the Art Center, and on EP True Pkway in WDM near 50th Street. Let us design a fitness routine that will help you attain optimum health.

 Barb Mendoza, Owner

Barb Mendoza Barb Mendoza Owner/Certified Personal Trainer 515-770-3844 Contact Bio
Bethany  Tapp Bethany Tapp Certified Personal Trainer 515-357-1187 Contact Bio
Ingrid Larsen Ingrid Larsen Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor 515-979-0220 Contact Bio
Tim O'Neil Tim O'Neil Certified Personal Trainer 515-418-3448 Contact Bio
Desiree Reichenbacher Desiree Reichenbacher Certified Personal Trainer 515-371-3984 Contact Bio
Susanne Carney Susanne Carney Certified Personal Trainer 515-707-5159 Contact Bio
Jill Andrews Jill Andrews STOTT Pilates Trained Instructor 515-991-2191 Contact Bio
Mary St. Onge Mary St. Onge CYT, ERYT-500 Yoga Teacher 515-664-7387 Contact Bio
Amy Belvo Amy Belvo Certified Personal Trainer, STOTT Pilates Trained 515-745-3764 Contact Bio
Janice Gutknecht Janice Gutknecht Certified Personal Trainer, STOTT Pilates Trained 515-210-5886 Contact Bio
Theresa Forbes Theresa Forbes Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor 515-326-2740 Contact Bio
Cynthia Richard Cynthia Richard STOTT Pilates Trained Instructor 515-724-2457 Contact Bio
Mary Johnson Mary Johnson STOTT Pilates Trained Instructor 515-360-3311 Contact Bio
Nicole Frangopol Nicole Frangopol Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor 515-226-3468 Contact Bio
Ani Trane Ani Trane STOTT Pilates Trained Instructor 515-202-5324 Contact
Noelle  Rothfus Noelle Rothfus STOTT Pilates Mat Trained Instructor 515-669-7892 Contact Bio
Janelle  Bailey Janelle Bailey Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor 417-848-7413 Contact Bio
Alissa Thompson Alissa Thompson Privately STOTT Trained, PT Assistant 702-596-9991 Contact Bio
Alejandra Lindemann Alejandra Lindemann Fletcher Pilates Certified Teacher 952-212-6562 Contact
Thea  Nicholas Thea Nicholas RYT-200 Yoga Teacher & CRYT 515-778-2279 Contact Bio
Teri Ernst Teri Ernst RYT-200 Yoga Teacher 403-416-9222 Contact Bio
Michele Hanna Michele Hanna RYT-200 Yoga Teacher 515-864-1634 Contact Bio
Amy  Schoene Amy Schoene RYT-200 Yoga Teacher 515-230-0633 Contact Bio
Bethany Grabe Bethany Grabe RYT-200 Yoga Teacher 641-430-7447 Contact Bio
Dara Madigan Dara Madigan RYT-200 Yoga Teacher 720-201-8876 Contact Bio