Meet the FBD Team

I am pleased to introduce my staff and I am confident that you will be 100% satisfied with the fitness experience you’ll have at our studio. As owner, I take great pride in our qualified fitness professionals. The education, expertise, and experience they bring demonstrates their passion for their fitness careers. We are excited to offer you a variety of private, semi-private, and group fitness options. Come visit our studio! We are located on Grand Ave across from the Art Center. Let us design a fitness routine that will help you attain optimum health.

 Barb Mendoza, Owner

Barb Mendoza Barb Mendoza Owner/Certified Personal Trainer 515-770-3844 Contact Bio
Diane Stokka Diane Stokka Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness 515-321-0240 Contact Bio
Janice Gutknecht Janice Gutknecht Certified Personal Trainer, STOTT Pilates Instr. 515-210-5886 Contact Bio
Amanda Garcia Amanda Garcia STOTT Pilates Instructor 515-707-4109 Contact Bio
Cynthia Adams Cynthia Adams Pilates Certified Instructor 510-393-9886 Contact Bio
Susanne Carney Susanne Carney Certified Personal Trainer 515-707-5159 Contact Bio
Mary Johnson Mary Johnson STOTT Pilates Instructor 515-360-3311 Contact Bio
Dara Madigan Dara Madigan Group Fitness Instructor 720-201-8876 Contact Bio
Kary Austin Kary Austin Certified Personal Trainer 515-991-8515 Contact Bio
Isabel Mendoza Isabel Mendoza Personal Trainer/STOTT Pilates Instructor 515-771-7861 Contact Bio
Jenny McTaggart Jenny McTaggart Certified Personal Trainer/Health Coach 515-306-4087 Contact Bio
Janelle  Bailey Janelle Bailey Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor & Physical Ther 417-848-7413 Contact Bio
Jill Andrews Jill Andrews STOTT Pilates Instructor 515-991-2191 Contact Bio
Julie Dohrmann Julie Dohrmann Certified Pietra Fitness Instructor 515-577-8354 Contact Bio
Lisa Lewis Lisa Lewis STOTT Certified Instructor Trainer 319-530-7700 Contact Bio
Joy Nobles Joy Nobles Certified Pietra Fitness Instructor 712-304-1082 Contact Bio