Group Fitness

Commit to our classes two to four times a week in the studio and you'll see results! Participating in a group fitness class is one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to get fit! All fitness levels are welcome and various intensity levels are shown for every exercise. Classes are 10 clients max, so you’ll always receive plenty of personal attention and instruction. There is no hiding in the back of our classes!

Our setting is positive and nurturing and our goal is to build your confidence and allow you to challenge yourself safely. The  group atmosphere encourages you to be consistent, and holds you accountable in a positive way. Yes, we do notice when you miss class!

Once we meet for a complimentary consultation, we'll help you get started in on your journey. 

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Contact Barb Mendoza to register or feel free to drop-in.

Fitness 101

This fitness class includes all the main components of fitness: flexibility, balance, cardio, and strength. Fitness 101 is ideal for those new to the group fitness setting or those who have plenty of experience. This class helps clients become comfortable with various fitness props and learn new ways to move and challenge themselves! All fitness levels are welcome! 


Strength Training 

Lean muscle mass is key for functional fitness and the ability to age gracefully. You CAN gain strength, endurance, and flexibility in our strength classes! We incorporate various intervals using dumbbell, body bar, resistance band, medicine ball, TRX, BOSU ball, kettle bell, and body weight exercises to strengthen every muscle group.  This functional class allows you to train all movement patterns, and is a fun and challenging way to improve your fitness level, plus meet some new friends in our FBD community too! 


Core Conditioning

Core strength is essential to maintain posture, mobility, and balance. Our Core Conditioning class challenges all major muscle groups from your knees to your shoulders! This class includes props such as fitness circles, dummbells, med balls, and resistance bands to challenge you.

All ages and fitness levels are welcome; various intensity levels are shown for each exercise. 

Functional Flexibility

A fitness class dedicated to full body stretching focused on all muscle groups. Benefits include improving range of motion, flexibility, posture, and balance, relaxing tight muscles, and easing stiff joints. Using a variety of props you will move in all planes of motion to replicate movement patterns you use in daily life. 


Group Fitness Fees

$22 drop-in class

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6 and 12 month commitments are available for 2-4x/wk depending on your goals.

Contact Barb at 515-770-3844 or for more details on the best option for you!

Cancellation Policy


Clients who are signed in for Group Fitness classes must cancel their place online in that class at least 24 hours in advance of the class time. Any class cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full unless you can switch to another class.

Success Stories

I love coming to class, each class is different, so the interest I have, and my muscles have, keeps me coming back to see what is next.  The personal attention and the smaller size classes are wonderful, the instructor lets me know if I am doing the exercises correctly.  My most noticeable benefit, other than feeling so much better, was skiing this past winter, I could do a complete run without stopping, something I hadn't been able to do in a long time.  A positive attitude by both the instructor and the class makes this something I don't want to miss. – Group Fitness Client
I like the classes at Fitness by Design because they are rigorous and demanding, yet carefully planned and monitored to combine strength building and some aerobic components. The instructors are attentive and well organized, so I am confident that I am doing the exercises in the most effective and safe way. The classes are varied enough to remain interesting, but there is enough consistency to create a sense of real progress over time. I am not always happy while actually doing the class, but I am always glad to be there and sorry when I have to miss! I know I've gained a lot of strength and flexibility - and I've had a good time as well! – Group Fitness Client
Fitness by Design has been exactly what I needed. I am so thrilled that I found you all. My trainer has been amazing, I adore her and we have so much in common... plus she's subtly kicking my butt. Joining your establishment has been one of the best things I've done for myself in a really long time. Completely worth the commitment, time and money. – Private Training Client
I have felt very comfortable and welcomed at your studio. Because I am "dripping wet" at the completion of each class, I know I am certainly benefitting from the classes. I appreciate the cleanliness of your studio, availability of water, a prompt starting time and your professionalism. I like that you "mix up" the routines and find them all challenging......extremely! Am I dying to come to Do I feel empowered, happier, and full of energy at the end of each class.......yes. Thank you, Barb, for wanting feedback. That speaks volumes about you and your business! – Group Fitness Client
I started attending Barb Mendoza's strength class once per week just 4 months ago. I also decided to train for another marathon near that time. As a woman in my 50's, I found the strength class to significantly develop my core and overall strength and I believe this really helped me throughout the marathon and, in particular, in the last 6 miles. Barb is very good about watching individual technique within the group class and offers specific feedback to gain the most benefit. I really appreciate that! I completed the marathon taking 5 minutes off of my previous marathon time and qualifying to run the Boston Marathon! – Group Fitness Client
One of the best decisions of my life was to start personal training at Fitness By Design. I feel so much healthier, more energetic and have a more positive outlook on life. What could be more important? If you are looking for a personal trainer, you have found the very best with Barb Mendoza. She deeply cares for every client and customizes a program that delivers terrific results. – Private Training Client
Last year, I decided to take more initiative with my health. I have been working out with Barb once a week and have recently added 2 fitness classes. I've been very adamant about taking this slow and steady- I want to change how fitness occurs as a long-term commitment. I can say that the variety of activities I participate in through FBD and the exercise I do on my own have really made a difference in my daily life. I'm stronger, more fit and have even noticed that my clothing fits better. Fitness By Design has been an all-around great addition to my life. – Private Training Client
As a mother of 3 young boys, it is difficult to find time to work out. I know that when I work with Barb, I will get maximum results in the minimum time. Barb has learned a lot about me and knows what to focus on so I get the most out of my workout. She is incredibly motivational and I appreciate her dedication to, not only my health, but my family's health as well. – Private Training Client
I have been going to strength training classes for over a couple of years now. I enjoy exercising with a nice group of people and have found the class very helpful at both improving my running and preventing injuries. Best of all....I can now see my triceps – Group Fitness Client
You go above and beyond to give everyone individual attention and your dedication to making your studio great is obvious. I have worked out at many places in the last 30 years and hands down yours is the best I've been to. The classes are never the same and always challenging. I love going!!  – Group Fitness Client
My journey to a healthier life has been a slow one, and Barb has supported me all the way, pushing me when I needed it, helping me noticeably increase my balance, agility, functional strength, and confidence. This year I decided to focus on weight loss. Barb held me accountable to that, celebrated small successes with me, and helped me keep the inevitable setbacks in perspective. I've lost 20 pounds, and we're still going! – Private Training Client
I have attended the group fitness classes feel challenged in all!  The routines provided by the instructors are varied and we are engaged at all times...I must also say I enjoy socializing with neighbors and friends when I am there and would highly recommend! – Group Fitness Client
We're both really happy with how things are going. The instructor makes it fun and pushes us, but is also attentive about any pain spots and making sure we don't aggravate anything.   – Private Family Training Clients
I joined FBD in late June and I have lost around 8 inches with my trainer, Janice. I find the experience very rewarding and believe I have increased my stamina and strength. I will continue on this path and see where it takes me. I can be a fairly impatient person as far as results go , but know Rome wasn't built in a it's full steam ahead! – Private Training Client
Instructors have been great. They know what they are doing. They help adjust me, and I appreciate that. Like the small/intimate setting and that there is a "sense of community." I like that I just have to bring myself, no equipment, and I am very impressed with all the equipment. People are friendly. I love the variety of options/classes, pilates, strength etc. Facilities are clean and smell good. – Group Fitness Client
My training sessions have been most important for my health and well-being. My trainer is excellent. She is knowledgeable, organized, safety conscious, adaptable, patient, but knows how to push one towards improvement and progress. The studio is private, well equipped, and close to home, a plus for me. The staff has always been kind and fun. The experience has been well worth the money! – Private Training Client
Starting a weekly Pilates class with Jill has been a great (and much needed!) way to get back into a regular workout routine after having a baby last winter. I so appreciate Jill’s style which challenges me and is personalized to meet my fitness needs right now.  – Semi-Private Pilates Client
I have been taking Pilates for the past three years. This past weekend I saw the power of putting it into practice. I moved over 70 bags of mulch in two afternoons. My body worked with me, I lifted appropriately, my core assisted (instead of my back), and would you believe that I was not sore the following mornings?! I cannot recommend the Pilates instructors at FBD enough! – Semi-Private Pilates Client
I want to compliment you on your approach. You contacted me by phone the day after I sent the email, even though you were out of state on personal time. I’ve heard from both you and my instructor personally multiple times, met with her yesterday, have another appointment booked for Tuesday AND have received several (much appreciated) automated appointment reminders that I’d expect from much larger operations. My session was great and I learned so much! All of that service within 5 days of my initial contact. Superb job!  Well done, you! – Private Training Client
A beautiful message; a testimony of your determination and love for fitness. I am really enjoying my weekly visit to your DSM studio. It is a beautiful studio which I enjoy and appreciate.  Through the years I’ve done Pilates and many other types of classes. I feel blessed to have found Jill; her class is always challenging but she always provides options. She takes the time to continually innovate while giving us the opportunity to improve. I wish you and your staff many more successful years and hopefully “surgery free." Needless to say your studio is the best I’ve visited. Thanks again!   – Semi-Private Pilates Client
I enjoy working out with Diane and Susanne because they are so encouraging and supportive, plus they have a great sense of humor. They make my workouts fun. I can tell that my cardio fitness has improved significantly. Without it, I don't think I could have made the mad dash (with two bags) from Gate C23 to C5 in time to make our connecting flight in the Minneapolis airport. I also have been able to move from 5- to 7-pound weights for a variety of upper body exercises -- something I have not been able to do in years. I also have benefited greatly from having my trainers help me with my myriad PT exercises. – Lisa
3/4 of a century, not bad. Thanks for keeping me in good condition! – Group Fitness Client
Dear FBD, It’s the season for giving thanks, and I’m writing you all to let you know how happy I am that you are in my life.  I started coming to Fitness by Design shortly after I retired eight years ago, and my work with you has made a huge difference in my fitness level and overall wellness.  I am so thankful for your excellent instruction and consistent encouragement - and you make exercise fun as well!   Thank you, thank you, thank you - I appreciate you so very much! – Mary
Last night I was recruiting a friend to join your studio. I bragged about your customer care and kindness. – Claudia
I appreciate Susanne's positive approach and creative workouts. And great folks in the class, too! – Semi-Private Training Client
I have been taking classes at Fitness By Design for the past four years.  The staff is so professional and helpful and the array of classes and personal training that is available is amazing!  The facilities and equipment are top notch and I enjoy the smaller classes and personal attention everyone receives.  The owner is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable in guiding people to meet their personal fitness goals.  I highly recommend! – Ginny S
Susanne does a great job at pushing me but not too much! I can definitely feel myself getting stronger, and that was my initial goal. Even with my injuries, I think Susanne really helped me get back to it as quickly as possible and she was amazing at listening to what I felt comfortable doing. Susanne does a great job at letting me know what I need to work on inside and outside the studio. Thank you for being so flexible, communicative, and supportive! I’ve had an absolutely wonderful experience here and couldn’t ask for a better gym! – Private Training Client
We are feeling stronger. We both feel muscles we didn't know we had. We are getting stronger and more flexible. – Private Family Training Clients
There is not a better workout than Pilates on the reformer…period! My journey at FBD has only been 6 months, but my body, mind and soul have never been stronger and more aligned! Pilates is a true game changer!!! – Erica H
Barb, thank you for offering the Fitness 101 Class. I really enjoyed it. Liked how your team went around the room making sure everyone was doing the exercise correctly as to not injury themselves. Have to learn how to not make so many facial expressions.  Likely down the road I should benefit from both the classes I’m taking. Thank you so much. – Marj A
Always a great experience with FBD, would recommend it to any and everyone something for all age groups the staff are highly experienced and able to adjust to your needs. This is a community of like minded caring and compassionate individuals who take fitness seriously. – Group Fitness Class client
I love this class and I adore Isabel! Highly recommend the FBD trainers and facilities. I really enjoy the small classes, one on one attention, and no fuss scheduling! – Pilates Client
Great workout. Appreciate the instructor showing me options when something was too hard for me. – Semi Private Pilates client
Every instructor is top of the line! And all the patrons are warm & friendly - what could be better. – Semi Private Pilates client
The instructions were very clear. Instructor did class at a very nice easy pace so you could concentrate on your form and breathing. – Group Fitness Class client
I am so grateful that my journey finally brought me down to Fitness By Design! I feel stronger, more toned, happy and free of knee pain. Thank you to Barb and your fabulous staff for your TLC these past 8 months. The other clients are so nice too! I feel at home. Fitness By Design is definitely part of my ongoing health and aging routine and it feels so good! – Group Fitness Class client
I can’t imagine what life would be like had I not had the courage to call Barb two years ago and ask about Fitness By Design. It was after surviving breast cancer in 2020 and an honest admission of feeling old, tired, & out of shape and a little shame for giving up on fitness. Barb’s compassionate approach helped me focus in on what I wanted and, as I reflect, she planted the seed idea that change is possible and I could do it. I started with a six month commitment to myself - with an “I’ll see.” What I saw was that even committing a little bit had effects beyond just the body. My attitude changed - about what’s possible, and about me. I’ve continued on and am forever grateful to all the staff at FBD for their encouragement and support! I’m turning 69 soon and I feel more like 50 so age is now truly just a number.   – Pilates Client
 I took my first semi-private pilates class months ago. It was the best decision that I have made! The small class size and excellent staff have made every class that I've taken a great experience. I enjoy coming to class and am confident that I am doing the exercises correctly for maximum benefit. Other classmates have been friendly and encouraging of each other. Thank you to all at Fitness by Design.   – Semi Private Pilates client
Fabulous instructors who are helpful and motivating! Lots of support and 0 judgment-a refreshing change from previous experiences elsewhere. 100% recommend!! – Group Fitness Class client
The moment you meet Barb Mendoza, owner, and her daughter, Isabel, and their infectiously loving and enthusiastic personalities, you'll know you have arrived at the perfect Pilates/Exercise studio! I started semi-private Pilates and am pleased to see such wonderful progress in rehabilitating my body from a fall...not to mention shedding a few pounds! I feel so much more in alignment and my core strength has returned. Oh - in June I'll be 67, by the the way! I am constantly in awe of the instructors. Not only for their expertise, but also for their compassion and fun-loving natures. They all have an eagle eye for optimal alignment while doing the Pilates exercises. I usually wear a loose-fitting top, and still they notice ribs, shoulder blades or lower back out of position. These ladies are experts and know physiology!  At Fitness By Design you can rest assured you're in good hands! – Semi Private Pilates client
Fitness by Design is a fantastic place to exercise. The classes are small and each one different and unique. All of the instructors are excellent and give you a lot of personal attention. I would highly recommend! – Group Fitness Class client
This place is absolutely amazing! The instructors really care about your fitness goals; they assist and carefully provide you with any level of help you may need on your fitness journey. Age is not a factor- young and old, all are welcome! This cozy, hidden gem will not disappoint. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to begin a fitness journey. – Marquita
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