What is FBD Stream (Virtual Training) and is it for you?

So many of our clients have seamlessly incorporated our new FBD Stream (virtual training) into their daily exercise routine at home. We are here and ready to support you and we are open for private/duet/trio sessions in the studio. We'll meet you where you are in your decision to return to in-studio training. 

Chances are, you may be feeling the physical and emotional effects of isolation, and it's been tough to find the motivation to get back in the swing of things. After weeks of social distancing, no strength training, and more social media or TV than you ever thought you'd consume, you may be feeling off track. Maybe some of your regular routines aren't so habitual anymore. High intensity or endurance workouts have become walks around the block and your solid nutrition habits have taken a back seat to comfort food.

Perhaps you find that you still struggle to find a routine outside the studio. We've created an innovative way to provide you with a safe, effective workout with live coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, or STOTT Pilates Instructor, that you can access from anywhere. 

Dive in below for more information and contact Barb at 515-770-3844 for help getting started!


Questions to consider:

Have you gotten stuck in the pattern of waiting for "things to get back to normal" to pick up your exercise routine again?

Perhaps you are slightly skeptical about whether or not you can get a great workout or not if you aren't in the the studio.

Are you ready to move from feeling isolated, off-track, and weak....to supported, confident, and strong?

We understand you have questions about what virtual training is. so open your mind and learn about private sessions or group classes you can take part in live via Zoom from anywhere!

FBD Stream (virtual training)

If you are not ready to return to the studio in person, we have wonderful, safe options for you to train from home!

You can expect to:
-be provided easy instructions to join a session or class via Zoom
-be able to confide in us when you are struggling to make healthy decisions
-get support and guidance in return
-get coached through challenging and effective workouts
-feel confident and proud after your workout
-continue to grow stronger every week
-get the accountability so you also make healthy decisions in between sessions

-be able to maintain the same intensity level with creative programming from us

Benefits of FBD Stream:

COMMUNITY- live, face-to-face communication, connection with friends in class

TRAINING TECHNIQUE- specific knowledge of your injuries, health concerns, corrections to improve form

CUSTOM PROGRAM DESIGN- programming based on your goals needs, abilities, and equipment you have access to

ACCOUNTABILITY/SUPPORT- personal connection with a real human being (not a screen) who cares about your goals, your stress levels, and how you are doing

RECOVERY/STRESS MGMT- tailored guidance to your needs