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Friday, May 1, 2020

"I'm so happy to be able to support your business during this time, when it really feels like a gift to me."

“Thank you for offering virtual yoga classes! You have made the transition to Zoom so comfortable for all of us students. I am grateful that I can still practice with you each week.”

"I'm so glad to have the option to continue yoga at this time! It does so much for my mental well-being."

"The switch from on-site classes to Zoom classes has gone very well and using Zoom is easy.  I’m impressed by how well the instructors show their enthusiasm and continue to provide support for us students through video delivery.  Thanks, Fitness by Design, for allowing us to continue our fitness classes in this way!"

"I'm happy to continue to support FBD and everything you're doing to keep us healthy during this time."

"It turns out that distance training Pilates and Barre can be just as effective, and sometimes more effective, than face-to-face. I know I'm getting just as good a workout because I shut down my Zoom session sweating, having worked every part of my body. (And my muscles tell me the same thing the next morning.) And remote training may be more effective in the respect that where a face to face requires me to have driving time and clean up time, now I wake up, get in my workout clothes, finish a call, jump on my Zoom workout, and then head right back to my next meeting. I can actually sneak in training sessions where I wouldn't have been able to before."